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2010-09-26 00:38:23 by Wario7890

Hallo world. I pronounce you...THE FINAL CHANGES! Bad news, final smashes weren't able to make their way into the game. Mostly 'cuz I couldn't find better sprites. Oh, BTW, me and Jake's game is going to be created by a thing called 'CJAKE'. It's a combination of our names. Anywayz, here's the final stuff.







Sonic the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Miles 'Tails' Prowers

Master Chief


Meta Knight

Pokemon Trainer (Totodile, Grovyle, Infernape)




Starter Stages (Song appears after name):

Final Destination (Final Destination)

Battlefield (Menu 1)

Green Hill Zone (Green Hill Zone)

Bowser's Castle (SMB World 1-4)

Peach's Castle /N64/ (Cloudy Skies NSMB)

High Grounds (Halo 3 Menu)

Mushroom Kingdom (SMB World 1-1)

Bridge of Eldin (Twilight Princess Theme)

Mushroom Kingdom II (SMB2 World 1-1)

Mario Circuit (Mario Circuit /MK:DD!!/)

Station of Serenity (Tension Rising)

Yoshi's Island Brawl (Yoshi's Island Middle Boss)

Green Greens (Gourmet Race Remix)

Skyworld (Underworld)

Computer Screen (Flat Zone 2)

Shady Shoals (Robot-Song)

Unlockable Characters:

Luigi: Beat Adventure with Mario on any difficulty.

Waluigi: Beat Classic with Wario on any difficulty.

Bowser: Unlock Luigi and Waluigi, then War on "Bowser's Castle" as Mario.

Paper Mario: Beat Adventure with Mario on at least Normal.

Young Link: Beat Classic with Link on any difficulty.

Toon Link: Beat Adventure with Link on at least Easy.

Riku: Beat Adventure with Sora on at least Normal.

Roxas: Beat Classic with Sora on Very Hard. (I know, I suck.)

Snake: Play for an hour, than beat Classic with anyone on any difficulty.

Amy Rose: Beat Classic with Sonic on any difficulty.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Beat Adventure with Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails.

Silver the Hedgehog: Beat Classic with Sonic and Shadow.

Super Silver: Beat Adventure with Silver on Very Hard.

Super Shadow: Beat Classic with Shadow on Very Hard.

Super Sonic: Beat Classic OR Adventure with Sonic on Very hard.

Metal Sonic: Unlock all Sonic Characters, then play a War on "Green Hill Zone".

Mr. Game and Watch: Play on "Computer Screen" 3 times in War.

Pit: War on "Skyworld" 5 times.

Ness: Play on Onett 5 times.

R.O.B.: Play on "Mario Bros." 5 times.

Sargent Johnson: Play on "High Ground" 10 times.

Dr. Mario: Beat Classic with Mario on any difficulty.

Marth: War at least once with the original 15 starters.

Roy: War at least once with Marth.

Falco: Play as Fox on War 5 times.

Ice Climbers: Beat Classic or Adventure with anyone on any difficulty.

Lucas: Play on "New Pork City" 5 times in War.

Cloud: Beat at least 1 enemy on "Cruel War".

Dark Riku: War as Riku 10 times.

Fawful: Play on "Peach's Castle (N64)" 7 times.

Ghost Kirby: Play as Kirby 20 times in War.

Goku: Survive a "1-Minute War".

Krillin: Beat "100-Man War" with Goku.

Mewtwo: Beat Classic with Pikachu, and beat Adventure with Jigglypuff, both on at least Hard.

Rayman: Play as all other characters once in a War.

And for the kiddies who are on Newgrounds...

Spongebob Squarepants: War on "Shady Shoals" at 3 times.

Unlockable Stages (Song appears after name):

Angel Island (Angel Island): Unlock ALL Sonic Characters.

Twilight Town Clock Tower (Roxas Battle Theme TT): Unlock Roxas.

Destiny Islands (The Encounter): Play at least 3 wars with Sora, Riku, or Dark Riku.

Castle Siege (Fire Emblem Melee): Unlock Marth and Roy.

Final Destination /Melee/ (Final Destination /Melee/): Beat All-Star Mode at least once.

Hyrule Temple (Hyrule Temple): Unlock all forms of Link.

New Pork City (Snowman): Unlock Ness.

Vegeta's Landing-site (Fight for Ultimate Destiny): Unlock both Goku and Krillin.

Onett (Mother 2): Beat Adventure with anyone on at least Normal.

Paper Kingdom (Castle Crumbles): Unlock Paper Mario.

Peach's Castle /Melee/ (Peach's Castle -Melee-)- War on Peach's Castle (N64) 25 times.

Rainbow Road: War on Mario Circuit 10 times.

Cheat Code's and Controls


P1: Left Arrow Key = Left / Right Arrow Key = Right / Up Arrow Key = Nothing. /
Down Arrow Key = Nothing.

P2: A = Left / D = Right / S = Nothing. / W = Nothing.

Cheat Codes (If you're not a noob, then skip this entire part. BTW, cheats are case insensitive.):

1. To get to the cheat menu, you have to find a near invisible circle on the screen after clicking play.

2. There will be a text bar, that is where you put in the cheats. 'Nuff said.

3. The cheats are...

FinalSmash = All Characters

EpicArena = All Stages

ILike2Cheat = 999 Lives in Adventure and Classic

EasyA = Enemies in Cruel War, 1-Minute War, 3-Minute War, 100-Man War, and Endless War have the fighting difficulty of 1

MasterCheater = Master hand has 1 health in Adventure and Classic

ALittleHelp = Gives you a list of the Cheat Codes

HeyEinstein = All Character Descriptions are unlocked in 'Information' in the Vault.


Items (The name from the game they came from appears in parenthesis):

Bob-omb (Super Mario 64)

Energy Sword (Halo 3)

Beam-Sword (Super Smash Bros.)

Green Shell (Super Mario Bros.)

Maxim Tomato (Kirby's Adventure)

Pure Heart (Legend of Zelda)

Flipper (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Donald and Goofy Card (CJAKE Universe)

Pokeball (Pokemon Red/Blue Edition)

Smash Tokens (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Golden Axe (Final Fantasy I)

Target (Super Smash Bros.)

Silver Shield (CJAKE Universe)
No more characters or stages.

This is EVERYTHING that is going to be the game. No acceptions. My friend and I are getting the latest flash next Saturday, because the old one isn't working. Hope for the game sometime within next week and December..haha...meh...go play an ACTUAL flash game now, will ya?